The “System” at work again! Nick Carey’s Transformation Story

I’ve said many times how much I enjoy receiving and sharing these magnificent transformation stories from dedicated and inspired people who have executed the “System” and achieved outstanding results.

Nick Carey recently sent  his story to me and I am sharing it with all of you.  Thank you Nick.

Back in 2009 and the years before that I was a chubby teenager with a lot of social issues. A lot of this was brought about from being very unhappy with my physical condition and my general body image.  I first learned about Max-OT when I watched the documentary “I Want to Look Like That Guy.” It was exactly what I needed. I had been going to the gym and was doing weights but I had no structure to my routine and my results were very poor.  So I decided I was going to follow this “System” TO THE LETTER.  I was never a strong minded person before this but I decided I would be so dedicated no one/nothing could knock me off course. I bought a lot of home gym equipment and have been working out in my garage ever since.

I saw amazing results when I started.  I was gaining muscle while decreasing my body fat percentage and my strength was flying up. It began to plateau as my diet wasn’t in check. I soon put emphasis on diet and the progress that followed was much steadier.

After a while I had gained a lot of size but wanted to be a lower body fat for the summer months, so still using the Max-OT principles I altered my diet to gradually lose fat. I didn’t fuss over the small things, I didn’t try a new diet each week or a new fad workout I just executed the plan day on day week on week and the results speak for themselves. My confidence during this time shot up. I became a much more social, confident and a more well-rounded person.

Since summer was over I decided I wanted to put on a bit of size over the winter months. I have had a gradual increase on my calories using the exact same Max-OT principles to workout. While everyone around me was using the latest craze workouts I just kept executing my plan with gradual and consistent progress. A lot of what Jeff wrote on his blogs helped MASSIVELY during this time. Especially the “don’t freak out, just keep your cool and execute the plan” articles but also his articles on staying drug free.

A lot of my friends began to turn to steroids for a quick and easy fix to their lack of progress. I won’t say I wasn’t tempted, even top athletes succumb to the temptation. But Jeff inspired me to keep going down the natural route and to achieve the best I possibly can. I still have the last laugh as I’m bigger and more conditioned than a lot of my friends who are using steroids because they have no long term plan they’re executing.

I’m very happy in my current condition.  I’m still using the same basic routine I started with. I still go to family birthdays, meals out, have treats quite regularly and enjoy my diet but by factoring them into my plan and sticking to Max-OT principles I can still maintain great condition. So thank you Jeff! Thanks for the videos, the blog, the advice and most importantly for changing my life for the better.  Believe.Achieve!


  1. Awesome job Nick! Way to stick with the MAX-OT principles. MAX-OT warriors for life!


    • Congrats on your success, Nick. I have the same philosophy- execute the plan every day and the results will happen; it just takes a little time. Keep it up.

  2. Nice story and transformation Nick.

  3. Nice job nick. I have been doing max-to for 11 months and I love it. Max-ot the way to go couple more years and will see some bad ass results,gotta keep at it never give up.Like Jeff said, patience and persistence 🙂

  4. awesome transformation Nick! and another great testament to the teachings of Jeff Willet’s ‘System’ – I’ve had Jeff’s DVD’s and have been following MaxOT for a number of years – Keep up the great work – it WORKS!

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