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Have you ever seen a model with rippling muscles selling the latest fitness craze and thought to yourself….

“I want to look like that guy”

At 42 years old and a 44 inch waist, film maker Stuart MacDonald takes on the challenge to look like that guy in the ad with the help of professional body builder Jeff Willet. Stuart shows in detail what it actually takes to look like the guy in the ad by living the part and entering a body building contest. Along the way he discovers fitness product claims and photos are biggest lies since the days when advertisers said smoking was good for you. It’s the greatest documented fitness debunking in history.

‘I Want To Look Like That Guy’ will make you laugh, be amazed and want to get in shape. Finally someone had the guts to give us all permission to relax about our body image. The goal of the 6 pack is over and it’s time lower the bar of expectation to what a healthy body should look like.