Natural Training DVD A$39.95
Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, Backs & Traps

Natural Training DVD B– $39.95
Legs, Chest, Abs, Shoulders, & Calves





Nutritional Seminar DVD– $19.95
Learn Jeff’s nutritional principles in this detailed
50 minute seminar


My “Natural Way” DVD  series is ground breaking instructional material based on the Max-OT style of training. What’s so different about this DVD series is the in depth instruction, advice and motivational thoughts on maximizing your potential without  steroids.  I can save you countless wasted hours in the gym.   The material shared in these DVD’s will re-direct all your focus and energy in the most productive, result producing ways possible.

Whether you’re a competitive bodybuilder or just want to get in great shape this DVD series is a “must have”.    You’ll absolutely maximize your results AND spend less time in the gym with more efficient and effective workouts.

I’m a 3 time National Champion and one of a handful of drug free bodybuilders to ever win an IFBB pro card. To achieve this amazing feat I had to become an expert on the physiologic mechanisms of building muscle and burning fat.  These DVDs take all that knowledge and experience and bundle it in one convenient and easy to understand package. In addition to all the instruction you will see real workout footage of me at my absolute best.

You can order each DVD by itself or purchase one of the special value packs and get all the DVDs plus some special bonuses at a reduced price!