Jeff Willet’s Lost Logs (e-Book Only)
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2003 was my best year onstage by far. This plan was designed to maximize drug free performance and I would say the plan accomplished that goal. The daily execution of this plan enabled me to win the overall Team Universe Championship which awarded me an IFBB pro card and etched my name in stone as one of the greatest drug free bodybuilders in history.

After achieving my ultimate bodybuilding goal of winning an IFBB pro card, my focus shifted towards the next phase of my life. I decided to move back to Michigan to open Jeff Willet’s Powerhouse Gym and I began developing a series of instructional products to help others achieve their physique goals.

In the chaos of moving and starting a new business, I lost a few items. Something that I’m sure most people can relate to under those circumstances. Unfortunately one of the items that I lost was very dear to my heart, my nutrition logs from 2003. You see I kept an incredibly detailed account of my nutrition plan for the 18 weeks of pre-contest preparation and all the way through the NPC USA and NPC Team Universe Championships. I feared that this information was gone forever.

Fortunately this story has a happy ending. While cleaning out some old files, I found a disc buried at the bottom of a stack of papers. I rushed to the computer hoping the disc contained my lost records. I slide the disc in and sure enough, there it was….my 2003 Nutrition Logs! I felt like I had just unburied a hidden treasure.

The information that I share in this e-book when used can be very powerful. It contains explicit detail documenting every single nutrient I ingested as well as the timing of each meal. It also lists every supplement, exactly how much and specifically when I took them for the 18 weeks leading up to both contests.

Want to know how to cut calories? You’ll even see precisely how I skimmed my calories week by week as the shows drew closer with detailed re-caps of each and every calorie cut right down to the gram.

In addition to all that detail you’ll see complete nutrient ratio breakdowns for every stage of the plan and as an interesting point of reference there is documentation of my bodyweight changes over the 18 weeks.

I often get asked how to adjust nutrition in the final days before a contest and what to do on the actual day of the show. No need to question any more as these logs illustrate exactly what I did with my plan right up to the very moment I stepped onstage.

I believe this is the ultimate drug free bodybuilding nutrition resource. It’s a very rare look at the actual “play book” I used to become one the greatest drug free bodybuilders in history and now it is in your hands to help you construct your own winning game plan!


  • “Contest Color” schedule. It took many years and a lot of trial and error to learn how to achieve the perfect winning tan.  Now you can see the exact formula.
  • Cardio Record showing dates, times, distances and calories burned of every cardio session I did leading up to the 2003 championships.
  • Body Weight Chart documenting my body weight changes for the entire year.

Believe. Achieve.

Jeff Willet
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder