NEW DVD: “I Want to Look Like That Guy” – DIRECTOR’S CUT

The  “I Want to Look Like That Guy”Director’s Cut contains an additional hour of extended and never seen before footage that takes you even deeper into Stuart’s mind as he struggles to look like “That Guy.”

With Special BONUS DVD:

Includes conversations with Dr. Adam Coughlin and never seen before talks with Jeff Willet and Stuart MacDonald about mental strain, Jeff’s retirement from competition and diet.  There’s even some alone time with just Stu and his camera.

BONUS DVD also contains the critically acclaimed 15 minute film festival version that was an official selection in the Arnold Sports Film Festival.

In all that’s over 4 hours of film with exclusive never seen before footage giving you rare insight into what it really takes to look like “That Guy.”


  1. Inspirational work Jeff,

    How does getting in bodybuilding shape effect your ‘set-point’? There have been lots of studies on animals that show animals tend to return to a specific body weight if they diet for a period of time and then stop. Additionally animals that were made fat by high energy density food had their set point raised (they never returned to the weight they would have been once they were returned to a normal diet).

    So my question is: In your experience, does dieting for a long period of time or getting to very low BF% alter your set point?

    Thanks in advance!

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