“Secrets Behind I Want to Look Like That Guy” details the nutrition program that Stuart MacDonald executed to achieve his outstanding body transformation in our award winning documentary “I Want to Look Like That Guy.”

Several supplements are listed by their product name with no real description. Also some of the products have since been discontinued so I thought a simple supplement key would help clear up any confusion and help you maximize the information provided in the video.

“Secrets” Supplement Key:

Ny-Tro PRO-40 = Meal Replacement (Discontinued)

Creatine HSC = Glucose Crystals (DGC) with Micronized Creatine and Taurine. (Discontinued, however, Micronized Creatine and the DGC Crystals are still sold separately.)

VP2 = Whey Protein Isolate (Still Available)

GL3 = L-Glutamine, Amino Acid (Still Available)

Myo-D = Omega-3 EPA-Amino Hybrid (Still Available)

For detailed information on each product check out the AST Sports Science web site.

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  1. Hey Jeff,

    I know your busy as hell so I hope I don’t hold you long, we all appreciate the time you take giving “back” to the fitness industry anyhow a couple of questions re the I want to look like that guy meal plan

    With Ny-Tro discontinued (and probably never available in New Zealand anyway) what meal replacement values are we looking for E.G approx what gram carbs, protein and what calories in the meal replacement drinks?

    Also re the protein by 2 x scoops do you mean 2x 10gram scoops or 2x 20 gram scoops e.g 20 or 40gm protein serves?

    Appreciate it, look forward to your reply 🙂

    Joel – New Zealand

    • For a meal replacement I think you are looking for around 40 grams of protein and around 300 calories.

      As for the scoops I am referencing VP2 Whey Isolate so 2 scoops is just under 50 grams of protein.

  2. Is it healthy to stay at a low fat like that for a long time?

    • Low fat is fine but extremely low is not a good idea because your body needs a certain amount of fat to run normal life functions. So once you start approaching the essential fat which for men is in the 4% range it is not healhty to stay that low for a long time.

  3. Hey Jeff,

    I am on a budget. My supplement staples are:

    -Lean Body Carb Watchers MRP
    -AST-SS VP2 Whey Isolate

    Do I really need all the Glutamine,Myo-D Omega-3, and Creatine for pre- and post- workout? I don’t have this available in my budget right now.


    • I think you have the most important supplements with VP2 and a quality meal replacement. I think I would add Creatine and L-Glutamine to the top 4. I think they are more important than the Myo-D if I had to rank them.

  4. Greetings. Someone in my Google+ community shared this web site with me, so I came to test it out. I’m definitely bookmarking it and have decided I will be definitely tweeting this to my followers! Exceptional website and phenomenal design and style. Kind Regards.

  5. Hi Jeff, could you tell me the importance of creatine?

    • It is one of my top 4 supplements along with VP2, Meal replacement and GL3 L-Glutamine.

      • I’m pretty sure I have a good understanding of Protein and glutamine, but what does the creatine do? Is it just for recovery or for during a workout? Is it necessary to gain muscle and lose fat?

        • Creatine helps with recovery but also strength and power during anaerobic activities. I don’t know if it is necessary but it absolutely is helpful for building muscle and losing fat. More info here: http://ast-ss.com/store/micronized-creatine

          • Thanks Jeff, you’re very knowledgeable. Im currently pursuing a body like how you helped stuart achieve. Im a little more fit than his starting point but not much. Im following your MAX OT method and diet very closely, I hope I can achieve greatness like you and stuart.

  6. bonjour je cherche a acheter vos dvd pouvez vous me dire si il y a la traduction en francais merci

  7. Hi Jeff, I have a couple of questions. I spent some time over the past year applying the Max OT principles to my workouts. While I have seen some great results, it came at a cost. I am in my late 40’s and have sustained some injuries (shoulder and forearms – medial epicondylitis). While I applied the warmup sets diligently and certainly understood the importance of warmup, they occurred. Is this quite common? Is my age a factor?

    Second, I am looking to apply some of the principles about the diet layer out with Stuart. To achieve similar results, i.e. maximize fat loss while maintaining muscle, is this diet a good guide? Or is this diet specific to Stuart’s body, size, weight, age etc?

    • I think with an emphasis on control and execution injuries should not really be an issue. Also making sure not to get ahead of yourself with weight selections. It is finding that balance of maximal weight and good execution. Injuries can happen, however, no matter how careful you are or what methods you are using. If you are training or exercising intensely it is a possibility.

      Stu’s diet is a perfect guide. The principles I used with him as far as nutrient timing and selection are universal.

  8. Hi Jeff

    As inspiring bodybuilding I’am confuse in terms of the supplementations I need. Does it make sense for me to buy a protein that has the BCAA, Glutamine & Creatine in the Whey Protein or buy all of them individually? Because when I saw the film i saw you had stu take 5Grams a piece as you prescribed , were they mix into one shake? I ask because I made the mistake of taking to much protein and it showed up in my urine. Im seeking to be more organized including a meal replacement. Thanks once again for being a true inspiration.

  9. Mr. Willet,

    Having just ordered the “Secrets Behind…” video and nutrition guide, I have a quick question. My workouts typically begin at 4:00 PM how should I alter the meal frequency?

    Thank you very much!

    • Main thing is structuring your post workout nutrient timing following the workout. You want the majority of your carbohydrates and calories coming within the 3 hour post workout window.

  10. avatar

    What do you think of Ketosis dieting or life style change while attempting a transformation like in the movie?

    • I prefer the methods described in the documentary and detailed in the online video “The Secrets Behind I Want to Look Like That Guy”.

  11. What supplement would you recommend, the AST CLA 1000 or the new AST Myo D?

  12. Hi Jeff, i am inspired by yourself and also the documentary you did with Stuart, as a result i have decided i want to get in shape myself. Basically i was wondering what you would suggest as a diet plan. I am currently 25% BF and am looking to ideally get down to about 10-12%. What would you suggest as a diet plan for this?


  13. Hi Jeff.

    Just getting everything together to start the 24week plan. Is Myo-D just an omega 3 oil. ie Fish oil of flaxseed?

    Thx mate

  14. avatar

    Hey Jeff. I am a woman in my 20s looking to drop my body fat percentage to around 18-20%. Would you apply the same concepts from your documentary for me? Max OT and same supplements, or is there a different approach for women? thanks!

    • Same principles for women. We are currently working on a great project where where I am using the same exact approach to help a women look like “That Girl.” So far the results are amazing! More details on this cool project soon!

  15. Hey Jeff, I was curious as to why you recommend all AST products. They are more expensive than other competitive products out there, do you really feel they are a superior product? I’m comparing AST products mostly with Optimum Nutrition’s product line.

    • Like most things in life you get what you pay for. Higher quality often means you are going to pay a little more. AST Sports Science is not the cheapest but I do believe they are the best. I have been using AST products since 1997. I started using AST Sports Science products long before I was sponsored by them. I used them because I believed in them and I got results. This doesn’t mean there aren’t other quality products available. But I personally believe in the effectiveness of AST Sports Science and that is why I recommend them.

  16. Hi Jeff,

    First, congrats for the success of the documentary. I would like to ask you if you recommend the 4-6 repetitions of the max OT also for calfs. I do not get same congestion for that muscles and normally work on 16 reps. Thanks.

    • Thanks! You want to still overload the calves. With the Max-OT principles we raise the rep range slightly for calves to 6-8. Reason is because the movements are isolation by nature and if you are only using as much weight as you can do for only 4 reps it is hard to complete the movements with good execution.

  17. Jeff –

    Creatine HSC was one of my favorite supplements, and was sorry to see that it was discontinued. How much DGC should I mix with my Micronized Ceatine? I took my HSC preworkout with rALA and loved the pump feeling I got with that combination! Thanks for your time.

  18. Hey Jeff you have a great site ,great documentary and great tips. Just a quick question since Ny-Tro PRO-40 and Creatine- Hsc have been discontinued is there any replacement you personally can reccomend for the meal replacement and for the creatine source

    • Thanks! AST Sports Science still produces Micronized Creatine Monohydrate and DGC crystals. If you mix the two together you are getting a very similar mixture to Creatine HSC. As for the meal replacement AST offers Muscle XGF which is quite a good product. It is a little higher in calories through essential fats so you may not want to use multiple meals per day but one or two makes sense. For more of a traditional meal replacement you can look for a nutrient profile giving around 40 g protein, mid 20’s carbs and low in fat. It should also have a blend of proteins which most meal replacements do.

  19. Hey Jeff, love’d the video, loaded with Awesome info and been working on it since 2 months, b4 that i started off with swimming as cardio for one month, i’m 30 years old i used to smoke allot. so i’ve cut it down to 4 cig a day., and then in the past 2 months i started picking things up from “i wana look like that guy, i did a lil more cardio then weight training, which i understand now but still i kept on loosing fat, so now its 3 days weight training and 3 days cardio, but for cardio i’m doing insanity which leaves me with no energy for weight training. , i’ve dropped down from 87kg to 76,
    hight 5 11” i’ve started seeing my 4 abs.. there is still and a small layer of belly fat left which is not showing of my six pack, i have only used whey protein after my cardio/workout, nothing els, my liver function SGPT was 80 and my Gemma glutamile tranfere (GGT) was 200 before i started working out, these levels were very high and i had to go on diet and medication which motivated me to loose waight/workout so that my LFT’s get back to normal,they have dropped down now,,, plus it is one of the reason’s i’m not using creatine and any other suppliment caz i dont know how it will effect my liver… i take omega 3 daily. my diet is also oil free, but the ratio’s are 50% pro 40% carbs. i know this way it might take me one more month for my undefined 6 abs to show off and then another month to get to the shape i want… but like i’m not using the suppliments other then whey protein so i’d like to know ur views are on that.
    right now my calorie intake is around 1400 .. b4 it was 2000

    • Sounds like you have made good progress and are establishing better habits.

      My best advice is to Follow Max-OT training and Max-OT style cardio as outlined on the DVD and in various entries on my blog.

      There is also much nutrition advice on the blog as well as Stu’s diet .pdf that comes with the DVD.

      If you execute that plan I believe it will maximize your results.

  20. Hi Jeff,

    Never seen anything that motivated me as much as this video has. Great work by Stu and you def. know your stuff 🙂
    Anyhow, I’m 29yo, about 265 lbs, my bf should be on the 29-35%…so of course massively overweight, I’m focused now and I want to make a change. I started Max-OT training and I’m eating much better now but I have little to no knowledge about supplements. what would you recommend me to take? I’m lifting 3-4 times per week, Cardio 4-5 times per week(45-60 mins) low intesity, walking at 3.5 – 4.0mph, incline all the way for half of my walk…my diet is oalmeal in the A.M., salads for lunch, either brown rice or broccolis for dinner with steak or chicken…water as much as i can, maybe a gallon a day…any tips? thanks again, anything will be much appriciated

    • I would focus on Max-OT weight training and Max-OT cardio which is shorter duration and high intensity.

      You can use the meal plan on the DVD as a good way to structure a similar plan.

  21. Hey Jeff, I loved the documentary & your Max-OT style of training is definitely for me, I have decided to try & emulate Stu’s results, I weigh 220Ibs @ 5″9 & I’m not sure but I would say bf is late 20’s…Qst: Do I need to get bf down to 20% or in around to start Phase 2? & in the documentary you checked Stu’s body composition every few weeks & dropped calories where you saw fit….How does the normal guy who does not have your eye do this? When do you know cals need to be dropped? Stu started at 2500 cal’s, How do I work out my starting calories?

    Cheers Jeff!

    • You can certainly model Stu’s diet plan that is contained on the DVD.

      Then you could do a similar pattern of gradual calorie skims every 7 to 14 days.

      I think it makes sense to follow the first nutrition plan for 6-8 weeks to establish a starting point and then you could start skimming from there.

  22. Hey Jeff! Creatine HSC is discontinued could you recommend another Creatine or is any other brand generally going to have the same effect?

  23. Hey Jeff and stu. Great results and well done for being so mean in the gym and such a nice guy day to day haha! Quick q- im 6ft5 301 pounds with muscle but lots of fat. Should i do more cardio to burn off the fat? Also how can I tweak the nutrition so I get even faster results coz surely someone with more fat to lose can lose do it by tweaking e.g faster and larger calorie reductions? Any advice would be of help cheers

    • More cardio – YES as far as frequency. I would suggest 6-7 days a week. As for nutrition, you still need to follow a pattern of gradual reductions. Very large drops will be detrimental to your metabolism.

  24. avatar
    omar alaoui

    just wanted to say you are beyond awesome . that’s it

  25. Hi Jeff,

    I just watched the documentary. It was very inspiring. Thank you so much.

  26. Hey Jeff, how do I decide how many calories I need to begin such a program? How do you determine the appropriate time to start making calorie reductions/intervals/amount of calories reduced?

    • I base starting calories off of a few factors such as starting weight, current condition
      , current intake, etc. I do explain in detail how I constructed a nutrition plan in my online video “The Secrets Behind I Want To Look Like That Guy”.

  27. Hi Jeff! Since Ny-Tro has been discontinued is there any one meal replacement supplement that you would recommend? I can’t seem to find one with similar ratios than shown in your videos. That either have too much fat or carbs, or not enough protein.

    • It is hard to find one with the same ratios as Ny-Tro PRO-40 so you can shop to find something similar. Muscle XGF is a good product for one or two meals a day but is higher in essential fats and total calories so it may not be the best choice for multiple meals. But again, it certainly is a good choice for one or 2 depending on your nutrient profile daily goals.

  28. avatar
    BSN-Syntha 6 for cutting?

    Just started back the end of last year after not lifting since I was in the military in 2000. I have about 40 lbs to lose but need to add muslce back. I’m wondering if the BSN syntha 6 protein is a good supplement to take as I see it seems to have a lot of fat in it. I Plan on starting to cut July 2013 and need tips on making this possible

    Thanks for being inspirational

  29. Hey jeff,

    Im an aspiring natural bodybuilder, you are my inspiration. I truly believe you are natural. But i know that 99.9% of the bodybuilders say that they are natural just to sell products, what are your thoughts on this?


    • I can’t speak for anyone but myself. I can’t control what other people do or say. I can only share my story and offer advice on what I know to be the best way to train to maximize results.

  30. Hi Jeff, saw the DVD recently and it definitely inspired me.

    My current stats are 27, 5’10”, 195, and around 25-30% body fat. Do you think I can jump in at phase 2 and do the diet/workout right away? I have lifted weights in the past, though generally not for longer than 3 months consecutive.

    From the DVD it looked like Stu lost his progress from Phase 1 in his time off, other than being more used to the actual exercises, would you say that’s accurate?

    • Yes. He took an extended time off after the first phase and actually started phase 2 in worse shape. I recommend starting off with close attention to nutrition as he did in phase 2.

  31. quick question jeff, I’m really interested in doing the max ot training system the same way it was done in the documentary, i just had a few questions.

    I am 5’7, about 130 pounds, and i believe around 13-15% body fat.
    my Resting metabolic rate is 1450 and i need 2340 calories to maintain my current weight.

    My Main goal is to have an athletic build and a more “chiseled” and defined face as it is quite round and chubby at the moment. i have a good jaw line and chin structure there is just a big layer of fat covering it all which is quite annoying lol

    1) i do not drink alcohol very often (about once every month or two) but i have somewhat of a beer belly and a chubby face, other than that I’m a little bit scrawny. should i drop my body fat down and get rid of my belly and chubby face first, and THEN start the max ot program? i have heard that in order to get the “shrink Wrap” effect you need to cut to a low body fat percentage first and then start bulking from there to get the best “model” look. like i said earlier my main goal is to get in better shape physically and have a more defined face

    2) if i set myself up a meal plan can i eat the same foods everyday? as long as I’m getting all of the nutrients i need, and i would obviously be adding/reducing calories as needed.

    3) how many calories should i start with in order to obtain a lower body fat percentage so that i can loose my gut and get a more defined face.

    thank you so much this will help me a lot in my efforts to obtain a total body transformation!

    • 1) No need to wait. A smart muscle building approach to the plan will only aid in the fat loss.

      2) Yes.

      3) There are really too many variables for me to be able to give a blanket answer for starting caloric intake.

  32. one more question

    4) should i bulk or cut? i want to lose the skinny fat belly that i have aswell as the chubby face but i already wiehg about 130-135. if i were to bulk and eat more calories then my maintenance intake then will i still lose body fat?

    thanks again

    • I don’t believe in bulking or cutting per se. I think the goal is always to build muscle and you manipulate body fat levels with cardio and diet. You don’t need to gain fat to gain muscle and excess calories for the sake of calories don’t promote muscle gain.

  33. Hi jeff… i was wondering how many sets did stu do? 3…5?

  34. What is stu drinking during all his workouts?

  35. Documentary was unreal, stu is nutts, and you jeff, you are a hella patient man. most people wouldnt spend there time answering questions the way you do and I commend you for it. That’s an awesome virtue. Tell stu lay off the burritos lol. Aloha jeff from Hawaii.

  36. Hi Jeff, Huge fan here from North Mississippi. I have just ordered my entire regiment from the AST website to start my 20 week plan like Stuart. Is there a specific meal replacement bar you would recommend since the Ny-Tro Pro 40 is discontinued? Thanks for you guys being a great inspiration.

    John – Mississippi

    • Thanks! There are different meal replacements on the market. You are looking for a blend of proteins and around 40 grams of protein per serving and around 250-300 calories. MET-Rx for example has a similar nutrient profile.

  37. Hey Jeff. I was just wondering if there is any other meal replacement drinks that I could replace VP for. I’m from Norway btw. Here’s a website I’d use.http://gymgrossisten.no/6/no/artiklar/kosttilskudd/maltidserstatter/index.html

    The link is on the section for “meal replacements”

    Are there anything else I could eat/drink is replacements of the “replacement drinks”?.

  38. In some scenarios when the only real option to increase overload comes from a machine then it is OK to make that modification. Sometimes as a result of an injury if a person is able to do an alternative exercise without pain then you want to use that option.

  39. Sir, Im having trouble doing some of the meal replacement. i think this is the one i missed out so much im having strength gains and my arms are getting swole for 4 weeks but i think the large muscle groups cant cope up. Im using gold standard whey nutrition. Im sorry im from Philippines so i cant purchase the products so im tried to mix up on my own. so this meal replacement i think is the one im really missing out thats why my gains arent really that impressive. i badly need your help. “Pros” where i lift, i dont trust them because they are the one who gave me bad advices in the first place and when i watched the video about you and Mr. Stuart. (Face Palm) I was so dumb i listened to dumb advices and so i tried your method it did work and I just hope i could have some descent advice because this could be my shot at helping myself out. im happy doing this. Please sir.

    • If you have trouble with meal replacements or finding meal replacements you can follow the same nutrition structure and choose food protein sources for those meals.

  40. Hi Jeff

    Truly inspirational stuff, thank you.

    I see you do not promote bulking and cutting per se, however we do have on and off seasons, for the majority who don’t compete, how often would you advise to go into a caloric surplus and deficit for? Do you believe in having to go into a 100-800 (the numbers can be anything between these 2) caloric surplus in off season above maintenance and do you advise starting at a 500 deficit under maintenance when you would like to strip bodyfat? I started lifting weights 6 months ago but did it exactly like stuart, trimmed calories periodically and got very similar results, for the last two months I decided I didn’t quite like my lean (but too skinny) look, I was 6ft but only 158 pounds, I then started going into caloric surplus and my strength gains have suddenly gone through the roof but have gained fat very quickly, about 20 pounds of fat due to going into randomly well above surplus, what would be your recommendation to me? I have always trained the mike meltzer / dorian yates way which seems very similar to what you do too, so the question here is mainly diet related.

    • I use the pendulum analogy to illustrate the shift in calories and cardio depending upon your goals. In a maximum muscle building phase the pendulum shifts to do things ideal for building muscle which primarily means 2+ grams of protein per body weight and you want protein in the low 50% of your caloric intake. So I don’t go as much be simply adding calories as I do with making sure the nutrient ratios, timing and selection are where I want them.

  41. Thank you very much

  42. Hi,
    I have purchased the kit of 1st documentary, dvd etc…is there a digital version i can download. Do i have to pay up again to access the same.

  43. Hey,

    I watched the documentary “I want to look like that guy”‘ some time ago and I found it truly inspiring. I started in the gym just over
    A year ago and my ultimate goal is to compete in a natural body building contest. I started at 27% fat and I’m now down at 19.
    I’m 26 now and in my gym nearly everyone with my goal is on Test and it’s hard to not try it. Your story motivates me not to try steroids, without looking at what you achieved Jeff I probably would of started a cycle. I currently am doing personal training but am doing high reps 10-12 each set until failure.
    Do you offer any online programs Jeff that are customised for the individual? Like you give me a plan and I come back with results and progress pics and you can update it?
    Any help appreciated, thanks !!

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