Jeff Willet Weekly Q&A Episode 29

My Weekly Q&A Show Episode 29. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for all my latest videos! Submit your questions via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter and tag them #AskJW. I will read the names on air of those who submitted the questions I select.


  1. Hey Jeff ….

    Love your weekly Q&A ….

    my question is ….

    I really like the “Believe. Achieve” black workout shirt you are wearing in EP 29. Do you sell these at your gym and or online?

    Thanks…. Jeff R.

    • Thank you. Currently I only have a couple “EXECUTE” V-neck T’s in stock. I will be looking to have more available in the future.

  2. Hello,
    Do you still suggest the week off every 8-10 weeks if you only train 3 days/ week instead of 5? I was thinking that if I trained less frequently, I could go a little longer, maybe 12-14 weeks before taking a week off. What do you think?


    • I would still take a week off every 8-10. Whether you train 3 times a week or 5 times a week, the muscles are still under heavy load once every 7 days and 1 time each week. So either way after 8-10 weeks of load you want a week for recovery. It’s important for long term gains.

  3. I would like to know your advice on this
    I can’t find out a solution
    what do you do when you don’t enough weight at your local gym anymore ?
    I can do 295 lbs on incline with barbell , going for 315 soon
    so with the Barbell the options are no limits , but my problem is with the dumbbells , my local gym dumbbells stop at 100 lbs and I can do 12-15+ reps on incline and 10 reps on shoulder press
    do you have any recommendation ? please ?
    should I do barbells only ? and do more set maybe ?

    thank you

    • Stick with all barbell work. I recommend that anyway. There is a diminishing return with dumbbells because of the energy required to get them into place and out of place after the set etc. I think it is most effective to focus the efforts on the bar.

      • thank you for this answer Jeff , I was waiting for while about this lol
        thanks a million
        so my next question is …
        so I can’t add more set and no dumbbells
        and I understand you opinion about dumbbells
        what about some machine ? is that something I can add in my training still using Max OT principal ? cable ?

        just looking for more options that all

        thank you again

        • You can do machines but they are not ideal. Ideal is free weights but if that is not available you can still apply the principles to machines if that is your best option.

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