Jeff Willet Weekly Q&A Episode 30 – Best of 2014

My Weekly Q&A Show Episode 30 – Best of 2014. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for all my latest videos! Submit your questions via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter and tag them #AskJW. I will read the names on air of those who submitted the questions I select.


  1. I occasionally play tennis and was wondering what nutritional approach would minimize the muscle loss of a long cardio type workout?

    • I think you want to follow similar post workout nutrition after a tennis workout as you do weight training to replenish glycogen and supply vital nutrients that will inhibit muscle breakdown.

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    Danny Duyvesteijn

    Hi Jeff,

    I always have been fun of the AST Max OT. But the newsletter this week tells me some couterparts on MAX OT on Low Pulley Preacher Curls with this quote:

    Either way will provide a significant new stimulus for biceps growth and is an excellent way to completely isolate the biceps so that it does all the work.

    Were i have always learned NOT to isolate any musslce unless there is no other option.

    Hope to hear some soon,

    Kind regards,


    • I am not familiar with who’s adding the content and I don’t have any input on that site any more.

      I do not endorse those exercises. They go against the very core Max-OT principles.

      So again, I only control the information on this site and my new premium site and you will find a consistent message in all my materials.

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        Danny Duyvesteijn

        I didn’t know that you are not a ‘part’ of MAX-OT anymore. But thanks for the link. I’ll check it out soon 😉

  3. Hi Jeff earlier today I was at the gym doing my max ot workout and it’s chest day but i manage to get my warm up done and 2 sets in, but I had to cut it short as something happened at home, so is it okay to do the chest workout this evening or do it tomorrow and do another workout tonight instead, Thankyou

    • Good question. Since you only did 2 real sets I think it is OK and go back the same day. If you had completed half of the workout or more I would probably say just let it be and get it next week.

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    dave davis

    do u do same wt or go up on all sets love the vid

  5. Hi jeff my jym doesn’t have the barbell bench press so I chose the dumbble bench press or smith machine bench press ?

    • Good question. In the case if you have no barbell bench it would be OK to use the Smith. Dumbbells are great, however, I find there is a point of diminishing return because of the amount of energy it takes to get the dumbbells in and out of position. You could split your total sets between smith and DBs.

      • another question jeff I do 3 day workout but the problem I am not follow any diet nutrition program should I do abs exercise ( because I have fat in abs are and when do abs exercise its give me bad shape )or neglected ?

        • Abs get worked on all the major compound exercises. I don’t think they need much direct work if you are doing major compound lifts. At most a few sets of some type of weighted crunches weekly will suffice.

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