Lost Workout Footage!  Lat Pull Downs Max-OT Style

Never before seen footage taken just weeks before one of my NPC USA appearances.  This clip features Lat Pull Downs, Max-OT style!

I will be adding more and more clips from this rare workout footage so stay tuned!


  1. Hey jeff,
    Hope your well,
    Really wanted your opinion for my workout.

    Mon: Legs
    Tue: Shoulders and tri
    On Wed or Thur: Back and traps
    Fri: Chest and bi

    I do around 6-8 sets on bigger muscle gps and 4 sets on smaller muscle groups.

    Is this a good workout routine? its a bit similar to the ones posted on AST sports science.

    Thank you

  2. Hey Jeff,

    I am a bit confused on what you have said pre workout meal. I always thought it should have been slow GI carbs for constant energy in the gym but you say we need high GI carbs.

    I have an apple and a wholemeal bread 30/45 mins before workout.

    Why is this? wouldnt this spike your insulin levels leaving you with less energy in the gym, also, you can gain fat this way because of high GI carbs as the body does not require unlike having it after workout?

    Also, when do you think we should have pre workout meal before we hit the gym?


    • When I mix the pre drink with high GI carbs/VP2 Whey/Glutamine/Creatine I drink it during my warm-ups and during the first part of the workout. So your point is a good one if the meal/drink was consumed an hour or so before but if you do it directly before it works well.

  3. Hey Jeff,
    Sorry to be asking so many questions but we are very luck to have someone like you to give free advice to us amateurs.

    My query is with regards to low and high reps. As you have said time and time again that low reps builds strength i.e Muscle.

    Is it true that you cant gain, if any, muscle with higher reps? Meaning: to build muscle is to do low reps and to build size is to do around 10-12 reps without gaining any much muscle as higher reps lead to more sarcoplasmic growth (muscle get puffed) rather than low reps which is myofibrillar growth (where muscle but not size is gainined).


    • You can train a variety of ways and get a degree of results. I feel the most effective way to train for maximal results is Max-OT principles in a 4-6 rep range.

  4. Hello Jeff,

    I watched the documentary and I have to say I am very impressed with your work. I live in Australia and I work with landscaping that take me a lot of energy during work but I still getting to gym and working hard.

    My body type is easy to get muscle but I am losing size with my training and life style, could you help me with ideas to improve my training?


  5. Hi Jeff,

    Im a little confused on what you have said in relation to post workout meal/nutrition- the three hour window opportunity.

    If you consume high GI straight after workout, does that mean you can still eat some high GI carbs later again when your next meal?

    Thanks Jeff.

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