Time + Execution = Great Results

I use the word execute a lot.  If you read my stuff and watch any of my DVD’s you probably already know this!  The reason I hammer this word is because in my mind it best sums up the central key for achieving outstanding results.

Great results come over time as a product of the daily execution of a smart plan.  I have often said the more great days of execution you can string together, the better and faster your results will happen.

This means daily execution of the entire plan including Max-OT weight training, Max-OT cardio and the all important nutrition principles.  You can’t just be good at one part of the plan if you want to achieve outstanding results you have to be good at doing all phases.

The other key ingredient for achieving outstanding results along with execution is patience to give it enough time.  It is not going to happen over night no matter how well you execute the three phases.  If you bail on the plan too soon you will never know what you truly can achieve.

Stuart MacDonald is a perfect example and you see exactly what I am talking about unfold right in front of your eyes in our documentary “I Want to Look Like That Guy.” You will clearly see it takes Stuart a couple months of daily execution before he starts seeing any real changes.  The key was Stuart didn’t give up.  He trusted the plan and he continued to execute for months on end and that is how the magic happened and how Stuart went from over 30% body fat to less than 6% body fat.

The moral of this story is learn the plan, execute the plan and give it enough time to work!  There are no short cuts but I promise you the pay off will be well worth the investment.



  1. Jeff,

    How do you feel about using fruit, like bananas, post workout as opposed to some powdered dextrose or other powdered sugar?

  2. Hi Jeff I have been doing a max ot workout routine 5 days a week for about 3 months now with no breaks. Some people recommend I take a week off, I know that you say consistency is a key factor how do you feel about taking weeks off? do you take weeks off and if so how often? Thanks alot


  3. Thanks, is that a week off diet also?

  4. Hey Jeff, I am little confused because bodybuilders like Frank Zane state clearly from experience that consistent heavy weight is detrimental as you get older. Especially as you get over 40, heavy weight may cause buisitis, shoulder replacement as it causes wear and tear on the ac. i guess will MAX OT do things like that from long term use of it?? What do you suggest for men who hit over 40? Or do I follow Frank Zanes philosophy of seasonal training where he trains according to the seasons…

    • I personally don’t feel there are any adverse effects to heavy training as long as you emphasize good execution and don’t get ahead of yourself with weight selection. Progress by the smallest increments only when you can get 6 good reps on your own.

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