Max-OT and Women? Karlee Foley’s Amazing Transformation!

Karlee Foley achieved great success with help from my books and DVD's.

A common question I receive is, “Will Max-OT and your nutrition principles work for women too?”  My answer is always a resounding YES.  We should all train more similar than different because regardless of gender or age there is one BEST way to train to maximize your potential and that best way is with the Max-OT principles.

Most women are guilty of overtraining.  They are usually taught to use light weight and high reps so they don’t “bulk up.”  This is a big mistake.  You don’t have to fear bulking up with gobs of muscle.  It just isn’t going to happen.  Women already have the deck stacked against them as far as building muscle is concerned so it is even more imperative that women take a smart muscle building approach to their plan.  One look at the amazing transformation achieved by Karlee Foley brilliantly illustrates just how well the principles I prescribe can work for women.  Great job Karlee.

“I haved used Max-OT since purchasing your books and videos (including I Want to Look Like That Guy). I competed in my first figure comp on June 4th and won the short class. The best thing about your information is that I could never get really strong and build muscle (I’m only a little person). I recently squatted 80kg on the big bar for 4 reps, but I only weighed 44kg (I think I was 8% body fat?). Thank you for all your help and advice and Stuart also.” – Karlee Foley


  1. Karlee is an inspiration! Id been training MAX OT style for 5 months seeing *incredible* results – my body shape changed completely for the better,, I became toned and lost 10kg – until recently I got it in my head that I wanted to run an 11K local funrun last weekend and so for a month before I started running 6-12km each day instead of doing weights – well it had the effect of making me hungry, and I feel like I just lost a lot of tone especially on my butt. I had a mental wall to get through to switch back into weights & MAX OT mode this week since the event, but now I’m SO happy to be back doing weights and my tone is on its way back already. I have never done anything really physically active other than netball when I was much younger – but someone asked me yesterday if I was an athlete and commented on my arms and shoulder tone! Love MAX OT.

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    Andrea De Nubila

    Is the Max OT routine exactly the same for women than men?

    • Yes. I believe we should all train more similar than different. Men and women alike because you want to have a strong muscle building component to your plan to truly change your body.

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