Lost Footage – Biceps Pump Up

This new video is the latest in a series of “Lost Footage” clips.  This one featuring a Biceps Pump Up.


  1. Incredible!

  2. Crazyyyyyyy!! I WANT YOU AS MY PT!!

  3. hey jeff.

    how come u went for more than 6 reps for both exercises? i thought u werent supposed to go more than 6 reps because the weight is too light.


    • As the title and description of the video indicate this is a bicep “pump-up” for a photo shoot and not an actual biceps workout. That is why the reps are higher.

      • Thanks alot Jeff. By the way, saw your interview with skip la cour yesterday which he posted on youtube. You guys are still in great shape!

        All the love from england!

  4. Jeff.. when i workout do i need to fallow the order of the exercises
    like can i start with the last one and do the first one after? or dose it even matter in which order i do them?

    • Yes and No. Sometimes order does matter if the primary movements are first. I would stick to the order just to be sure.

  5. avatar
    Georges Sorel


    When doing Max OT you’re supposed to bump up the weight when you reach 7 reps, but sometimes I could hit 7 reps in the first set, but not do seven in the 2nd or 3rd.

    Should I bump up the weight when I can do (2 or 3) sets of 7? Or is one set enough?

    Do I up the weight in that set or the next set in a week?

  6. Hey Jeff do you do contest prep for bodybuilding shows I’m an lifetime drug free competitor.I would like to know how much you charge for contest prep and also are you on Facebook ? I’m usually 245-255 offseason and usually compete between 218-224.Last year was my first year of competition competing in the n.p.c. But I’m natural and want to focus on doing natural shows.I did very well in n.p.c. For first year of competition most people who see me don’t believe I’m all natural.I competed in 7 shows last year and didn’t place any lower than second in all the shows I did.You can look me up on Facebook I have pics. On there.Also I would like to know what exactly you did to get so shredded and hard as an natural athlete you have one of the best all natural physiques I have ever seen.What supplements do you take leading up to a show?

    • Thanks! I appreciate your kind feedback.

      I do plan set-ups/consultations for $275. This includes a complete nutrition/supplement plan, Max-OT workout schedule and an hour phone call where the plan is explained and questions are answered. I also have my “Lost Logs” e-book that shows EXACTLY what I did with my diet and supplementation leading up to the shows in 2003.

      I am on facebook http://www.facebook.com/jeff.willet

  7. Hi Jeff,

    I was just wondering if you train MAX OT only or do you switch it up periodically? Thanks!

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