Be your own “Before & After.”

When you are striving to make great changes to your body I know it can be confusing because you are being bombarded with conflicting fitness information at every turn.  From fad diets to the latest and greatest workout gizmos the misinformation is around every corner.  What should you do and who should you believe?

I’ve said it hundreds of times and I am sure I will say it hundreds more….you can workout a variety of ways and achieve varying degrees of result BUT when you are talking about maximizing your body transformation potential there is one best way.

I’ve never claimed the SYSTEM that I prescribe is the only way to get results, however, I do believe in its effectiveness 100% and feel it is the best way to train if your goal is to improve your body composition and be your own “Before and After.”

Here are a few tips from my proven SYSTEM that will help you maximize your body transformation potential.

  • Have a strong muscle building component to your plan by training with heavy weights and the Max-OT principles.
  • DO NOT over train.  Execute the Max-OT principles and train each body part directly once per week.
  • Keep cardio short and intense. 16-20 minutes of intense cardio 5 to 7 times a week to emphasize fat loss.
  • Consume quality protein consistently.
  • Eat small frequent meals and include lots of vegetables.
  • Don’t avoid carbohydrates but be smart about your carbohydrate selection and timing.  Keep most of your daily carbohydrate intake around your workout time.
  • Be consistent and be patient!  You have to give the plan time to work.  Commit to executing the plan for a solid 6-8 weeks minimum and 12 weeks is probably even a better time period to complete before initial evaluation.  Expect a solid 6 months of great execution for dramatic improvements.

Remember great things happen through the consistent execution of a smart plan.  The amazing transformations you see in the photos didn’t happen over night.  These people were committed to the plan and their months and months of great execution paid off!

Amazing transformations achieved by executing the plan!


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    Christian phelps

    Hi Jeff

    You truly are an inspiration my friend. Love the training and eating aspects . I have been using the max OT for 9 weeks , dropped 42 pounds and feel great , still got a spare tyre but within time I am confident and driven to achieve my perfect body.
    Execute the plan and the plan will execute.

    Thanks a lot Jeff


  2. Hey Jeff! I would just like too say you are a hero of mine! I also admire you’re work in bodybuilding and such! I just discovered the max-ot and were wondering if i need too follow the program to an T on the working days? Because squats won’t be easy too do on a monday in my gym.. so i were actually wondering if i switches the days a little bit but follows the rest would that be bad for the program? (Im from norway, that’s why my english is so horrible :p )

    • Thanks!

      There are a number of different Max-OT arrangements. You can change the days of the week around and even the body part groupings. The important thing is you maintain all the core Max-OT principles. So to directly answer your question you can do legs on any day of the week you choose.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    My legs have been growing really well, in fact, they are getting too big for my upper body. If say, I want to ignore them for a while and concentrate on upper body, i.e arms, chest, shoulders and back,
    Do you think it would have any impact on my upper body in terms of muscle building?

    I cant afford 1g per bound of bodyweight protein, so I will be left with ‘spare protein’ not used by my legs but will be used by my upper body. Is this even true?

    Thank you

    • I’m not in favor of skipping legs. If anything you could just scale back intensity and work at the upper end of the 4-6 rep range

      The body doesn’t segment protein usage. It’s an overall process.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for you hard work and dedication, it is really inspiring.

    I have started a “before and After” project for myself, I am over weight 90kg on a 168cm height , unfortunately as I am studying abroad I do not have any gym close to me or the ability to get food supplements .

    My main goal for now is to lose a lot of weight , get lean . At my disposal I do have a huge running track and a swimming pool and of course I can work out at home,I have watched “I want to look like that guy” and “The secrets behind..” could you please advise me on the best possible routine you would suggest for simple and efficient weight loss.

    Thank You for your time.

  5. Hi Jeff,
    I’ve been using the Max OT system for months now, and I’m really liking it. As a runner, I have a pretty lean, athletic build. That being said, I’ve been taught a lot of different information regarding the abdominals. Currently, I’m following the Max OT ab workout twice a week, and doing one day of just body exercises (bicycles, lying leg raises, etc) after my runs. Is this too much to the point that it may hurt me? Thanks Jeff.


    • I’m not sure it will hurt anything but I also don’t think it will help much. I firmly believe training abs directly with resistance once a week is more than enough. The abs get worked pretty much daily with all the basic compound lifts in Max-OT training as well. I think that energy is better spent with other facets of your fitness plan rather than doing extra abs.

  6. Hi Jeff,
    After years of lifting and working out, my biceps are much bigger than the rest of my body. They just seem to build quicker and build more muscle than other areas. Do I just tone down the biceps routine or what? Thanks.

  7. Hi Jeff,
    I’ve been using the MAX OT style lifting for quite some time now, and have been seeing great results. However, I’m becoming a bit too big for my liking. I would like to keep my current size and start cutting to get a real ripped look. Should i focus on higher rep ranges? What do you recommend? Thanks.


    • If that is the case you can scale back the intensity/weight a bit and train in a 6-8 rep range. I would still use all the same basic principles.

  8. Hi jeff,
    i am Rash from germany. I also use the max ot system with my twin brother. We habe bought the “i want to look like that guy” movie and we were inspire. You have a authentic impression, that why we believe in your system. we plan to visit you next year april 2013 to train and take a picture with you.
    Thanks a lot for inspring us and yes we will still execute the plan.
    your fans Rash and Hicham from Germany

  9. Hi Jeff ..

    I am a young man of 24 years, 182 cm and 80 kg, and is from Denmark.
    I love and strength training, and is very intra interested in your max ot program .. But have a little difficulty finding the correct program that would suit me.

    Can you help me with that? Will be very grateful if you could ..

    Just a standard program for my weight and high

    So i can make are before and after
    Sincerely, Daniel

  10. Hi Jeff!
    I’ve been training Max-OT for several months now and notice visual changes, I have become much stronger and lift heavier weights for each workout.Before it was just a pain to go to the gym, spending several hours there, but now it’s fun.

    To my question then, I’ve pretty much fat on my body that I want to get rid of, so I can skip any muscle group per week to train condition instead? Max-OT Carido of course. I do not have time to go to the gym two times a day.

    • I don’t think you want to skip anything but rather emphasize caloric skims and your cardio. You still want to touch on all body parts to encourage muscle building/maintenance.

      • Okay, so you think I should eat less carbs like potatoes and pasta?
        But still train all muscle groups?
        How many days a week would you recommend Max-OT Cardio in my situation and for how long?

        • Less overall calories by gradually skimming them but still keeping carbohydrates in the post workout window.

          Still train all muscle groups for sure but only 1 time a week each.

          16-20 minutes of intense cardio 6 times weekly to emphasize fat loss.

          • Ok, thank you so much I will try to fins time to train carido 6 times weekly, i will really try. But it can be hard.

  11. Hi Jeff. Love your name.

    Of all the fitness sites I visit, I always find myself coming back to yours regularly. Inspirational and honest stuff every time and it really shines through.

    Quick question.. I hear so much about carb cycling and re-feed days. I don’t see any mention of either on your blog (and very good chance you have and I’ve just missed it). I also ordered your nutrition plan you had Stuart on and didn’t see anything in there.

    Do you not typically engage in either of these when cutting? Good/Bad practice?

    Thanks much and keep doing what you do!

    • Thanks!

      I don’t practice carb cycling. I prefer the consistent daily calorie intake as you see on my blog and nutrition materials. Carb intake is naturally lower on the 2 non training days per week.

      I don’t do a re-feed per se but in the “off season” I do take one day a week off the scheduled nutrition plan to have some of whatever I want. I don’t do this day off once I start pre-contest mode.

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