Jeff Willet Weekly Q&A Episode 12

My Weekly Q&A Show Episode 12. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for all my latest videos! Submit your questions via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter and tag them #AskJW. I will read the names on air of those who submitted the questions I select.


  1. i am on the max ot beginning stages, i calculate my daily calories being 4,760, in order to lose weight do i cut those calories in half to lose weight or just cut down to 500 calories. thank you

    • I think it depends somewhat on the current level of calories you are consistently consuming. I would start their and improve the ratios first, the skim down from that amount that has been established as your starting point. It also depends somewhat on your body weight and condition. That seems like a pretty high starting amount but again, I don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle. I would probably go at least 500 fewer than that to start with, possibly even fewer. Then after you establish a starting caloric point with good ratios and smart timing you can start adjusting after about 8 weeks based on your progress in relation to your goal.

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