Jeff Willet Weekly Q&A Episode 13

My Weekly Q&A Show Episode 13. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for all my latest videos! Submit your questions via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter and tag them #AskJW. I will read the names on air of those who submitted the questions I select.


  1. Hey Jeff. I’m a really big fan and have been following your advise for years. Loving these weekly Q&As. Just want to clarify what you mean by eat MOST of your calories in the pre and post workout bubble? So if I am eating 2500 calories a day should I eat around 1250 calories around the workout? How many calories should come before and how many after? Also would it not be difficult to deal with the hunger issues as a result of eating only 1250 calories the rest of the day (I workout at night)? Finally with regards to post workout drink, does the High GI carb need to be liquid form for easy absorption or can I have my whey protein shake, creatine, glutimine with a glass of orange juice and a potato? Sorry for the long response just really confused 🙂
    Thank you

    • I don’t have a specific number of calories that you should have in the bubble but it will automatically be a majority of your intake if you follow the structure. With the pre/post drink and the post workout meal including carbohydrates that will centralize most of your calories and carbohydrates in that bubble. I don’t have a specific percent.

      I think in the pre/post drink liquid is best.

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