“That Guy” documentary Featured in FHM Magazine
FHM July 2011 Cover

"I Want to Look Like That Guy" is an 8 page featured story in the July 2011 issue of FHM Magazine.

The people at FHM were so impressed and intrigued by our documentary “I Want to Look Like That Guy” they turned it into an 8 page feature article in their July 2011 issue.  The article is titled “The High Price of the Perfect Body” (page 68) and gives a detailed account of Stuart MacDonald’s journey to become “bodybuilding lean” complete with a ton of pictures of  Stuart’s transformation.

The article also contains two special inserts from my interview with FHM titled “The harsh truths of getting the fitness model physique” and “10 ways to get more out of the gym”.

It’s awesome to see how much this documentary continues to have an impact on people all over the world.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support and promote our efforts to provide information for those who truly want to change their bodies.



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  1. Awesome! Great doc’. Can’t wait to check out the magazine. Keep up the good work!

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