Jeff Willet Weekly Q&A Episode 7

My Weekly Q&A Show Episode 7. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for all my latest videos!


  1. Jeff, I think you are one of the most knowledgeful modern bodybuilder. I love MAX OT. What do you think about this Arms workout:

    Thursday – Biceps, Triceps & Forearms

    Barbell Curls (2-3 warm-ups) 2 x 4-6
    Hammer Curls 2 x 4-6
    Cable Curls 1 x 4-6
    Close-Grip Bench Press (2-3 warm-ups) 2 x 4-6
    Lying Triceps Extensions 2 x 4-6
    Cable Push-downs 1 x 4-6
    Barbell Wrist Curls 2 x 6-8
    DB Wrist Curls 1 x 6-8


    • Thank you.

      I would suggest sticking with Straight Bar Curls and Dumbbell curls for biceps rather than cable curls and hammers. Triceps and forearms look fine.

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    Jake Brookes

    Hi Jeff really loving all the Q&A’s and after purchasing the list logs it’s really opened my eyes on true meticulous approach to dieting, I’m currently 13 weeks out from my first show and coming along pretty nicely following Max OT principles with cardio and a few session but have always trained to high intensity, my question is would you recommend bringing my diet more inline to a higher protein, moderate carb, low fat approach similar to your principles in the lost logs or do you think as I’m three weeks into moderate protein high carb low fat, I should trial it to see my results? Thanks Jeff

    • Thank you!

      My preferred nutrition approach is what is outlined in the “Lost Logs” eBook and throughout the various blog entries and weekly Q&A tips on my YouTube show. I have found those nutrient ratios and nutrient timing to be the most effective for maximizing body composition changes.

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