“Lost Logs” Final Days of Prep Clarification

My “Lost Logs” eBook details my exact nutrition and supplement plan for 18 weeks leading up to both my 2003 USA 4th place finish and Team Universe Overall victory.

I received a question recently that made me realize there is a point in my final days of prep that could use a little clarification.

You’ll notice when you look at my plan for the final days before the USA and the Team Universe I document my limited water intake yet the plan shows I still consume VP2 and Ny-Tro PRO-40.

How did I consume both of those protein powder supplements and still keep my water limited?   I did that by mixing both powders in a bowl with only enough water to make it into a paste and I ate the paste rather than drinking the mix.  I actually prefer to do this to my powders when dieting so it was not unusual for me.  Only difference is I used even less water at that point to mix the paste than normal.

Hope this clears up any confusion about that subject.

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