Fat Loss Nutrition Tips
Jeff Willet

Great nutrition is the key to maximizing results!

Helpful nutrition tips to promote fat loss & muscle gain!

  • Focus on consistent nutrition by eating every few hours and have each meal consisting of a protein source such as chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef, egg whites or meal replacement drink.
  • Try to avoid going 3 or more hours with no meals as this will slow your metabolism.
  • A good meal replacement shake makes for a great “in-between” meal or can be used as any meal of the day when you have a hard time getting to food.
  • Keep most of your carbohydrate intake around your workout and the first meal of the day.  A protein/carbohydrate drink directly after training and meals within 3 hours of the workout session should contain a carbohydrate like a potato, rice or pasta.
  • A diet with consistent protein intake every few hours will be conducive to building muscle and keeping your metabolism elevated, thus aiding fat loss.
  • To help you get leaner and control calories, meals not directly following your workout or first thing in the morning should contain lots of vegetables. (Green crunchy choices are best…broccoli, lettuce, celery, green beans etc).  Vegetables help keep your metabolism elevated and keep total calories low.
  • You can use any zero calorie spices and condiments to flavor your food.  Your meals don’t have to be bland, you just need to be aware of miscellaneous calories and avoid them because they can add up!
  • Coffee, tea or any zero calorie drinks are fine as long as you don’t add excessive calories through creams and flavoring.


  1. Hallo Jeff,

    great tips, thanks.

    Can you please describe the correct form of an inclince bench press for Max-OT?
    Should I lay flat on the bench or should my back arched? And what is the correct position of the ellbows?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Jeff,

    What kind of meal replacement shake do you suggest for losing weight? Any help would be appreciated. Started max-OT training a few weeks ago and I love my gains so far. I am slowly introducing a diet and with your tips I am confident I can get to where I want to be.



    • There are many different brands of meal replacements available. I think you are looking for something with a blend of proteins, around 40 grams of protein per serving and probably 250-300 calories per packet.

  3. Hello Mr. Willet,
    I had purchased your DVD of I wanna look like that guy a few years ago and absolutely love it, my wife and I found it so inspiring we also shared it with our friends. I find your experience and knowledge of training along with daily way of pursuing goals are truly amazing and would like to thank you.
    Sincerely, Efrain

    • Thank you! I really appreciate the great feedback and am happy you enjoyed the documentary and found the information helpful.

  4. Hi Jeff, love your nutritional seminar DVD!

    I just have a question for you. I followed your suggestions from your nutritional seminar DVD and ate approximately 300-400 calories below my TDEE for about 2 months. I’ve lost around 12 pounds (from 173 to 161) and look great! Six pack is showing without even flexing and great muscular definition all around. However, I would now like to focus more on putting on size without compromising my leanness. Would you suggest I maintain the nutrition principles in your DVD but consume approx 300 calories more than my TDEE?


    • Thanks for the great feedback! Glad you like the DVD. Sounds like you’ve done a great job.

      To focus on shifting the pendulum towards maximum muscle building you do the process in reverse. Instead of gradually skimming calories, you gradually add calories (100 to 200 at a time) while maintaining nutrient ratios and timing. Follow each new caloric level for 7 to 14 days and then evaluate. Continue the process depending upon goals and your progress.

  5. avatar
    David Lee

    Hell Mr. Willet, I’m a 21 years old young man from South Korea. I’ve been training for 2 years and you have been my role model for my entire of short career. Of course I love your physics and dedication to this sport but the biggest reason of you being my role model is because you are the greatest natural bodybuilder whole time. And I always tend to be a natural bodybuilder too. If it is okay, I have few things to ask. Getting an answer from you will be great honor, and I don’t speak English well so hope you could understand. I’m 6.1ft 230lbs 12% of body fat. I’m trying to compete for first time of my life and I really don’t have much knowledge on Diet. But I planned in my way and I want to get confirm from you.

    First, my workout split is like this

    Mon / Hams, Quads, Calves Tue / Chest, Triceps Wed / Back, Biceps Thu / Abs, Calves
    Fri / Shoulders, Traps Sat / Arms, Forearms

    I don’t train no more than 15 ~ 18 sets per body parts. No other reason I just don’t feel good and I just think it’s unnecessary. And rep ranges are around 12 ~ 8. And my workout style and splits don’t really change even I try to cut.

    Second thing is my diet. I’m planning 12 weeks diet, and this is my 12 ~ 10 weeks diet. We use grams instead of lbs in South Korea.

    6:30 Amino energy and glutamine

    25 minutes of HIIT Cardio

    7:30 300 grams of eggs(2 yolks) / 80 grams of oats (water not added amount)

    10:00 150 grams of Chicken Breast / 200 grams of yams / 100 grams of Brocoli

    12:00 ~ 13:15 Workouts and right after training I drink 1 scoop of HYDROWHEY and Glutamine

    14:00 ~ 14:30 150 grams of Chicken Breast / 200 grams of Brown Rice / 100 grams of Brocoli

    17:00 150 grams of Turkey Breast / 200 grams of Brown Rice / 100 grams of Brocoli

    19:30 200 grams of Lean Steak / 150 grams of Green Beans * No carbs from here

    21:30 1 scoop of HYDROWHEY and Glutamine

    22:30 Sleep

    I’ve doing this schedule for a year and my pre contest changes just with the morning cardio and evening carb intake.

    Mr. Willet, I’m planning to go to US after few years for sure. I need to finish some college work from here now. But will I have a chance to be your disciple. I know in some parts money can be charged but I can afford whatever it is to reach my Goal. My goal is to go over BMI 28 in competition weight as a natural, and to be best natural bodybuilder in the world. Maybe because I’m asian, I might not have gotten great genetics like you or Ronnie Coleman or Kai, but at least I wanna give it a try.

    I’ll wait for your answer and thanks for giving me a chance to comment.
    Have a good day SIR!

    • Thanks for your kind comments. I appreciate it.

      Due to a high volume of requests I am not able to give personalized diet and training information. I do offer a consultation service for one on one work.

      I have included a lot of free tips on my blog and a lot of instructional material in my store that will help you map out a very effective plan.

      All the best to you!

  6. Greetings from Finland. You are quite a big inspiration here, many classic bodybuilding(drug free)competitors give credit to max ot for obtaining size and strenght. I myself dream to be able to step onstage in 2-3 years. Thank you so much for giving fuel to dreams of being drug free in this sport!

  7. Jeff – can you help with a question? I started on Max OT in December and. Have lost 15 lbs. I’m now using a food log, bought a bunch of AST products (VP2, creative, GL3) and use Lean Body shakes. I’ve calculated my caloric intake and adjusted down 500 cal.

    Yet, when I should be losing 2 lbs a week, I’ve hit a plateau. My weight is not budging and I’m already at 1500 cal/day.

    Should I just wait for my exercise to catch up with me? I really don’t want to go lower and am frankly, perplexed. I cutyesterday and my weight actually went up.

    Any thoughts?

    • You want to focus on FAT loss not WEIGHT loss. This means workout for a body composition change. You have 2 levers you can pull to push towards fat loss which is caloric reductions and or cardio frequency. I have tons of info on this on my premium site http://www.jeffwilletpremium.com Including a community board with a lot of people going through their own body transformation.

  8. Hi Jeff.
    I have some questions about Max OT training.I have just started my Max OT training with focus on fatburning and maintaining/building muscle.So far fat is coming of easy as this is my first experience of Max OT system and HIIT cardio.I have this pain in right shoulder and had to switch up bench presses with smith machine so i could focus on pressing without the pain and I think I`m going to stick with it until the pain is gone.The same goes for pressing in shoulder workout also.
    Do you think its smart to use DB front,lat and rear lat raises,and upright rows instead just to maintain shoulder strength until my shoulder is okay even though the most effective is compound movements or do you think its okay to lay of total of shoulder training as it get some work done in bench presses and back training until the shoulders ok?
    What do you think is the maximum of cardio pr week in fatburning process?I`m training cardio twice a day 5 times pr week,15 min sessions so just wonder if its to much.
    The last question is I have this problem with doing full deadlift from the ground after some back pains.I train deadlifts in the rack going just about under the knee and its much better focus on the back.Do you think its ok to do some rack to work around problem areas even though in the system full range is the best?
    Sorry to hear about the closing of your gym,I`m sure you will success in whatever you have in mind in the future.
    And its going to be great to see how Stuart is going to look after the program.

    Best of wishes from Norway

    • I think it might make the most sense to lay off shoulder training until you can do presses. As you said shoulders get a lot of work during chest day and back day etc.

      For cardio frequency it all depends on the goal and the duration you have to get to that goal. I usually build up the cardio frequency over time and it can work up to as much as 7 days a week plus 5 days doing it 2 times daily but again that is something we work up to over time.

      I think it is OK to use the rack to work around your problem.

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