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“I Want to Look Like That Guy” continues to inspire people all over the globe.  I received another great success story I wanted to share.  This one comes from Daniel Cartmel of Australia.

“Initially it was seeing what a transformation Stuart made in the documentary I Want to Look Like That Guy that got me thinking that it was possible for me to achieve it too.  About 10 months ago i started training Max-OT and totally fell in love with the training style.   I love the thought that my transformation could help motivate someone else to decide they can change their life too.  Remember this…. It’s never too late to become what you might have been.” – Daniel Cartmel

Thanks for sharing your story Daniel and GREAT JOB executing the plan.  Once again, your pictures speak for themselves!


  1. Hi Jeff,

    I have been following your max-ot routines for a couple of years now and I’ve had great results! My front delts are a little smaller than my side delts so would you recommend adding a couple of sets front raises in my shoulder routine?

    • No, I would stick with the primary pressing movements as the main exercises for shoulders. I am not a fan of doing extra. Over time with emphasis on basic compound lifts things should balance out.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I wanted to ask the point of having High GI carbs 2nd time round when you have your first High GI carbs after workout?

    If say, someone wanted to have 100g of High GI carbs post workout, would they have to have another high GI carbs for their second meal?


    • Yes, I think you have close to a 3 hour post workout window when you want a few small meals consisting of high GI carbs and protein.

      • Thanks Jeff,

        However I dont understand why that needs to be the case. We already consume high GI carbs straight after workout. Why would we need to consume high GI carbs again? This is the first time Im hearing this, none of the megazines mention about this. They say to consume Low GI carbs after your post workout mean/drink.


        • I like to have high GI carbs my very first meal, pre/post workout and also within the meals following the 3 hour window of my workout. The rest of the day or the “non-training hours” I stay with low GI carbs, primarily vegetables.

  3. I have a question regarding max-ot cardio equipment. I have a rowing machine at home and wonder if it fits for max-ot cardio

    • I think pretty much any mode of cardio will work if you are using it with high intensity. I wouldn’t have much resistance on the row machine as I wouldn’t want to tax the muscles too much.

  4. hi jeff i will follow max-ot style but very different, i’m very busy and just have one training schedule for a week. i’m plan to train incline barbell bench press, pulldown, and squat,,, just that,, do you think its possible? thanks for your replay jeff..

  5. Hi Jeff,

    I am obvioulsy subscribed to your email so I wanted to ask whether you offer your (DVDs)/(the whole deal package) cheaper during christmas time or is it anytime depending on you?


  6. Do you warmup your whole body before attempting Max-OT warmup sets? I mean sth like 5 min moderate pace on stationary bike

  7. Hi Jeff,

    I wanted to know if you would recommend a calorie calcualtor like harris benedict?

    Also, it seems that I have put on too much fat this week by 1.5kg! I blame it on the high GI carbs (it could be my calorie surplus but i doubt that). How would someone know if I am not over eating on High GI carbs post workout and how to calculate our calorie needs?

    Your thoughts on these will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Hi, Wanted to add one more point. I was probably eating around the same amount of calories, maybe marginally higher, so I am confused as to what might have casued it. the only reason i can think of is maybe i was eating more high gi carbs? but this has relatively been the same.

      Thank you

    • I think fat gain is more a product of total calories than anything else. You certainly want to calculate total calories and then gradually reduce that number if you feel you are gaining too much fat.

  8. At my gym there is a standing calf machine, but it has very little weight on a stack. I maxed out it. So I wonder if switching to one-legged calf raises would be good option? I mean are there any reasons not to do single leg calf raises? Uneven spine compression etc?

    • I think the uneven weight distribution on a standing calve machine doing 1 leg at a time could be problematic. I would recommend sticking with the leg press or other machine that you can get effective overload.

  9. Hi.
    Do you think clean and press can be incorporated in shoulder workout instead of shoulder press? is that a good alternative?

    Thank you

  10. I really enjoyed “I Want to Look Like That Guy”. Do you ever change training style or do you always do Max-OT routine but just mix up exercises and order?


    • Always Max-OT principles. After 8-10 weeks of training you should take a scheduled week off and then you can change Max-OT arrangements when you return to the gym if you wish.

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