“Lost Footage” Clip – Hammer Curls

In this clip you see rare footage taken just weeks before the USA National Championships.


  1. Jeff, from your experience could you tell me if this routine looks alright:


    deads 3×4-6
    weighted pullups 2×4-6
    cable rows 2×4-6
    straight bar curls 2×4-6
    dumbbell curls 2×4-6


    flat bench 3×4-6
    incline bench 2×4-6
    dips 1×4-6
    military press 2×4-6
    side laterals 2×6-8
    triceps extensions 2×4-6
    cable pushdowns 2×4-6


    squats 3×4-6
    leg press 2×4-6
    sldl’s 2×4-6
    calf raises 3×10-12
    cable crunches 3×10-12

  2. Jeff, do you find training better in the morning or afternoon?
    And when the next video will be uploaded? I can’t wait!

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    Caleb Brown

    Hey, Mr. Willet, I currently watched your documentary “I want to look like that guy,” and was definitely inspired. I am currently trying to cut down to 180lbs, and be around the 9% body fat. I currently weigh 210lbs, I’m 6’1”, and 19 years of age. I am going to follow your Max-OT format of training, but, I was curious as to how many calories you think I should be in taking daily to burn the fat and build the mass. Also, how much protein, carbs, ect. Thank you for your time!


  4. Dear Mr. Willet, Though I 100% believe you are natural, I was just wanting to know if using pro hormones makes a huge difference to the end physique during contests. Not to offend you in anyway and with the up most respect, I personally wanted to know if you think that Max O.T itself after a long enough period of time can produce results, without pro hormones, a similar to that of yours or Skip Lacour’s, Tyrus Reed’s, and other Max O.T users. I truly have had the aspiration to compete one day but I don’t want find myself shocked or dumbfounded.

  5. Thank you, Mr. Willet! Also, I just wanted you to take a quick glance at my basic nutrition plan I made based off the video “Secrets Behind I Want To Look Like That Guy.”

    Breakfast: 1 scoop VP2, Eggs, and oatmeal/cereal.
    Mid-Morning Meal: Meal Replacement, 2 Myo-D, Mixed Nuts.
    Lunch: Chicken Breast, Lean Beef, Fish or Turkey and vegetables (greens).
    Mid-Afternoon Meal: 2 scoops vp2, Micronized Creatine, GL3 10g and fruit.
    Post-Workout Meal: Chicken, Lean Beef, Fish or Turkey, Rice (brown) OR Pasta w/ bread (whole grain).
    Evening Meal: Caesin, GL3 10g, 2 Myo-D, 1 tablet of Magnesium.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks!


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