Muscle Master Class Video on Demand!

In this video I take a group of aspiring physique and bodybuilding competitors around my Powerhouse Gym in Adrian, MI and dissect the Max-OT workout principles.muscle-master-product

Learn the most effective exercises for each body part and see how to put it all together with a 5 day Max-OT plan.

Topics covered include:
▪ Set Volume
▪ Rep Range
▪ Warm-ups
▪ Exercise Selection
▪ Exercise Execution (See demonstrations off the most effective exercises)
▪ Training Frequency
▪ Plus a variety of muscle building tips!

If you are serious about your workouts and have a desire to maximize your muscle building potential, you will love this video. It’s straight talk about a training system that helped me become one of the world’s greatest drug free bodybuilders!

Run Time: 1:05

This is a Video on Demand which means you can download it or stream it to any device and watch instantly for only $9.95.

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