10 Tips for getting the most out of the gym!

Jeff WilletBased on a lot of FAQ and common mistakes here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of your time at the gym…

1. You’re doing too many crunches:
Common sense might suggest that working your abs will flatten your stomach but physiology disagrees.  Crunches alone will never give you a 6-pack.  You can’t spot reduce fat from specific areas.  The only way to get a 6-pack is by getting lean and that is accomplished primarily through cardio exercise and diet.

2. You’re in the gym too long:
The weight training portion of your routine should be about 40-45 minutes maximum and cardio should be 16-20 minutes at high intensity for maximum results.

3. You’re not pushing yourself hard enough during cardio:
If you can read a magazine or enter into a conversation you are not doing cardio as hard as you need to for maximizing fat loss.

4. You’re doing too many sets:
Keep the volume low to maximize muscle building.  6-7 sets total for large body parts like chest, back and legs.  4-5 total sets for small groups like biceps and triceps.

5. You’re doing too many reps:
Overloading the muscle is the key to stimulating muscle growth and this is best achieved in a 4-6 rep range.

6. You’re using machines:
Free weight compound exercises are most effective for building muscle.

7. You should drink a protein shake directly after training:
A post workout drink of whey protein and simple carbohydrates is highly effective for kick starting the recovery process by supplying vital muscle building nutrients when you need them the most.

8. You are talking too much:
Of course there is a social component to going to the gym but you have to keep your workout moving at an efficient pace to maintain focus and concentration on the task at hand.  Too much talking between sets can kill momentum.

9. You keep changing your program:
It takes many months to change your body so if you don’t get instant results don’t blame the workout program.  Stick with the Max-OT principles and focus on your nutrition rather than trying to find some “magic” workout routine. Consistent execution of an intelligent plan for months on end is key.

10. You’re not focusing enough on Nutrition:
You can be the most consistent person in the gym and execute a great workout program but if your nutrition suffers, your results will suffer too.


  1. Thank your for the great tips Jeff!

  2. Maybe you can do an FAQ on nutrition now?

  3. fantastic advice Mr Willet. hope all is well with you

  4. Great tips really appreciate it!

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    Daniel (Sweden)

    Great tips that i follow 1-9 and it working pretty good but the #10 i am little stuck on. I am now eating by the method LCHF and asking myself how i can combine the diet with building muscles. Is it just wasting time or is it something that can work?

    • I am not sure I am familiar with the method you speak of. The nutrition method I believe in is pretty clear and I think it is the best to maximize body composition change.

  6. Hey Jeff just a quick question if you get the chance
    Is there a certain amount of protein that the body can take at one sitting as i’ve heard so many myths that it can only absorb 30grams in a sitting or other people have said 50grams, so i’m just really confused on that front. any ideas on this would be great!


    • I think you said it right when you said you have heard many MYTHS about protein consumption. MYTHS are exactly right. I am not sure there is any valid science proving there is one specific amount that is too much at one time. I think the simple idea is to have your protein intake consistent throughout the day by eating or drinking small frequent high protein meals from morning to night.

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    Aspiring Natural

    Question-i thought 4-6 reps was for powerlifters. I wana bodybuild and ive always thought it was between 8-12 reps for building size and getting alot of blood into the muscle for muscle gain. Im confused

    • I believe the most effective rep range for building muscle is 4-6. You can find lots of information about Max-OT training and 4-6 reps throughout the blog.

  8. Hi Jeff

    I am a tall guy so i have heard i should warm up my lower body alot before doing deadlifts. What is your deadlift warm up routine, thanks alot


  9. Hey Jeff! Its been almost 8 months since I’ve started my workouts. But I just don’t see any improvement in my chest. My chest does not develop though my instructors says my posture is right. Any suggestions?

    • Best advice I can give is continual execution of the basic Max-OT principles and a meticulous attention to your nutrition especially in the pre/post workout bubble.

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