Awesome Arm Training Tips!

Here are my top training tips to help you achieve awesome arms!

  • Keep the frequency low:
    Train biceps and triceps directly one time per week only.
  • Keep the volume low:
    4-5 total sets for Biceps and 4-5 total sets for Triceps.
  • Keep the intensity high:
    Use heavy weights in a 4-6 rep range.
  • Use loose form:
    Don’t be too strict or rigid.  Let your body move naturally as you perform the exercises but always maintain good muscular control.
  • Use basic free weight exercises as your primary movements:
    My favorite for biceps is barbell curls.  My favorite for triceps is lying tricep extensions.

Keep these tips in mind as you execute the Max-OT principles and you will be well on your way to achieving awesome arms!


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    DeAnne Lewin

    These ARE awesome tips Jeff, I am trying so hard to find the time to get back into weight lifting and this is my ticket. Thank you!! Dee

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    Paul Smith

    thanks so much for the advice Jeff, i’m at a sticking point in my arm training and this is just what i need, its a complete change to what i was previously, cheers

  3. hi Jeff,
    i train my back and biceps in a same day, so after back training do I really need to do 2-3 warm-up sets? i need your advise

  4. you’re the best bodybuilder for me. so i believe in you and ur every advise!

  5. just got one question,

    lets say I do a 2×4-6 bench and i put on 90kg, and i feel i can do more than the 6 reps during my benching, do i continue until failure maybe reach 7 or 9 and next time add weight or do i stop at 6?


  6. Hi Jeff! After reading your articles and watching videos online. I have noticed the loose form your talking about. I watched a video of Skip and Tyrus performing curls and side laterals and they were really swinging the weight around. Just seems like an injury waiting to happen. I know were trying to lift heavy,but isn’t proper form more important then the number on the weight? Im just wondering because I really enjoy lifting Max-Ot style, but I lift alone at home and can’t afford to get injured. Thanks for your help!

    • Actually it can be argued that loose form or biomechanically optimized form is less likely to promote injury compared to super strict or rigid form because you are allowing your body to move naturally and are maximizing natural biomechanics.

      That being said you never want sloppy or out of control form. The idea is to get the best of both worlds not sacrificing form too much for weight OR weight too much for form.

      Though I use what I consider loose form I am still always under control and focused on directing the majority of the overload to the intended muscle group.

  7. Hello Jeff,
    I have reached a conclusion that chin ups with reverse underhand grip (In 75% of the whole range)is very effective in 4-6 range since the load is heavier.But one question that comes to my mind is what should we do if we reach a platue for 4-6 range.should we increase the reps(for example 6-8) and then go back to the normal(4-6)rep range?

  8. Cheers Jeff, what would you do in regards of size/strength imbalance in one of the arms?

    • Generally any imbalances in size take care of themselves over time, particularly with the use of free weight compound lifts. There is nothing specific I would do other than continual execution of the plan.

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    Joel Preston

    At age 53 I have done about every workout out there. Nothing is better than Max OT! I’ve won many shows using your merhods!

  10. If I work out at home and do not have access to Cable pushdowns can I do four sets of lying tricep extensions

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