Lack of soreness.  Does it matter?

A common question I receive is about muscle soreness or actually a lack of muscle soreness after Max-OT training.  People want to know if they are not sore after a workout does that mean the workout was not effective or that they didn’t work hard enough?

The simple answer is no.  Soreness is not an effective gauge of the success of a workout.  Remember the goal of a Max-OT workout is to overload the muscle in a 4-6 rep range plain and simple.  The goal is not to get a good “pump” or achieve a certain level of soreness.

Learn and execute the Max-OT principles to the best of your abilities and do not gauge the success of your workouts on your degree of soreness.


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    Nick Allison

    I just started the Max O/T Plan. Can I do the ab workout everyday or is it best to follow the work out?

    • I think it is best to follow the plan. No advantage to doing ab work daily. In effect, the abs get trained daily already as a stabilizer.

  2. dear Jeff,

    in the next day after my workouts(max-ot) I always have DOMS. is this
    good or not?

    • I would say it is neither good nor bad. Soreness or lack there of is not an indication of the success of a workout. Some soreness muscle groups may always get sore and some may never get sore. Execute the principles and follow great nutrition.

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    mike omari

    so muscles can still grow if i dont get sore? i workout hard and dont get sore

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