Interview with Skip La Cour at the Arnold Expo

Long time friend and 6X National Champion Skip La Cour conducted this interview with me at the 2012 Arnold Classic Expo. We talk about what I am up to now and tips for going through a body transformation.


  1. Hello Jeff, with your advices I’ve lost some fat and improved my lean mass.
    That’s really great but now it’s 3 weeks that my weight got stuck, and I still need to cut some fat out.
    Currently my diet is about 1500kcal and I do weight training + cardio 3 times at week.
    Can you help me please?

    • One of the first things would be increasing cardio frequency to 5 or 6 times a week. The other step after you increase cardio for a few weeks would be progressive and gradual caloric skims.

  2. Hey jeff, I just wanted to look with you if i do right with the cardio sessions. I do them 6 times a week 16 min high intensity 5 min hard 1 min just to catch some air and go again. Dose this look right? GOOO ALL IN MAX-OT!! thanks !

    • Yes, I think that sounds find. I think the important thing is that you are working out of your comfort zone throughout the 16 minute session.

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