Lost Workout Footage – Incline Bench Press

This new video is the latest in a series of โ€œLost Footageโ€ clips.ย  This one featuring Incline Bench Press.


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    you’re great Jeff!

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    pete smith


    I have two questions about incline benching. One, what angle degree of bench do you believe to be best for simulating the upper chest? And two, when lowering the bar, where do you aim to touch your chest – mid pectoral or high?

    • If the bench is adjustable I set it at the least angle possible.

      I take the bar down and touch my upper chest just under my chin.

  3. Jeff! You and Stu are my inspiration. Thank you for everything. 2 questions: Stu consumed a lot of salads/vegetables, what type of salad dressing did he use? Also, are your training DVD’s electronically available for purchase (similar to the electronic purchase of the “secrets behind I want to look like that guy”)?


    • Thank you! If you are really emphasizing fat loss you need to be very mindful of any dressings or condiments you use. Any zero calorie dressings/condiments are fine. If they contain calories you need to use them sparingly. My favorite is zero calorie butter spray and Frank’s Red Hot sauce.

      We do not have any other downloadable videos at this time other than “Secrets”

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    Hi Jeff I have a question,

    Would it be ok to do 2 sets of the Nautilus pullover maschine at the end of a Max OT back workout? It seems that with this maschine I can really overload my lats far better than with lat pulldowns. So would it be ok to include the nautilus pullover maschine in a Max Ot back workout?

    • I personally prefer any rowing movements to pull-over movements. I think they are more effective.

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        ok, than I stick to bent over barbell rows and seated cable rows.

        thanks Jeff ๐Ÿ˜€

        best wishes from germany

  5. Hi Jeff,

    In your documentary, stuart was able to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. How many extra calories did he eat above his normal MR?

    Also, did he perform max ot cardio sessions 5x a week during the 16 week duration?

    One more thing, does max ot cardio entail the same principle as interval cardio?


    • I didn’t do any calculations in regards to his BMR. We established a starting intake and then followed a precise pattern of caloric skims and nutrient ratios.

      He started at 5 X per week of Max-OT cardio and increased frequency from there.

      The main key with Max-OT cardio is your overall output for 16 minutes. You can use intervals. I actually preferred the interval setting on the bike during Max-OT cardio.

  6. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for replying.

    I would like to know how much you lifted when you were working out different body parts. I know it sounds odd but i just want to set a goal in terms of lifting weights and be able to lift as much as you did when you were at your strongest.

    For example, correct me if im wrong but i think you were curling 50kg dumbells in one of your vids. i dnt know about the other stats.


    • Off the top of my head I don’t have those numbers. I was never caught up in the numbers in an absolute poundage sense. My goal was to effectively overload the muscle and work to better those numbers over time.

  7. Do you often finish with 3 reps on your last set of an exercise?

    Also do you alter the max ot warm up than the original 12,10,6,3,1 reps?

    Thanks, Zach

    • Yes, you should actually find yourself more to the bottom of the rep range for your final sets.

      That is the basic Max-OT warm-up protocol. The only change I make is sometimes I only do 4 warm-up sets rather than 5.

  8. Hi Jeff,
    one question:
    When I train shoulders, I do lateral raises with one arm. So I can focus more on my side delts and using slightly more weight,cause i want to overload this muscle. What do you think is it o.k? according to max-ot?

    • I think that is ok. I think the most important movement by far is the pressing movement you choose for shoulders. I am not sure it makes much difference. I preferred two at a time as I feel I can do more weight and use my natural mechanics better.

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    Benjamin Frigast

    Hallo Jeff

    The rep range is 4-6 right? But You did 3 for your last set??

    Big fan of yours! Best regards from Denmark

    • 4-6 is the target. When working with maximal weight it is ok if you only hit 3 sometimes on the last set. It is better to only get 3 on the last set then be under weight and get 6 easy.

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    Benjamin Frigast

    Just one more question, I train alone so
    I dont have a spotter, is max ot still the
    Best way to Go?

    • Yes, I still believe Max-OT is the way to go. You just need to get comfortable with stopping at positive failure which you should do any way even if you have a spotter.

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    Jeff one more question,
    my gym do not have a incline bench press so would it be ok to use a smith machine for incline bench presses? If yes, would you also recommend to set the smith machine bench to the least angle possible or goes that just for regular incline bench/dumbbell presses?

    • With no other choice Smith machine is OK. I would still adjust the angle low.

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        great, thank you very much Jeff.

        You and Skip are the best Natural bodybuilders on earth ๐Ÿ˜€

        I do MAX-OT since April 7. now and already got impressive results, love this training system.

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    Rafael Misla

    Hi Jeff,

    Just want to start off saying you are a beast and very intellectual.

    Me and my fiance started this Max OT training on 5/21/2012
    I want to build muscle everywhere as you stated I could with this training method. I’m eating an excess of 500+ calories a day to add a lbs of mass a week.

    Q1: But umm, the chest days… Three workouts… Is that really all I need to pump up my chest in the long run? ๐Ÿ™

    Q2: My fiance is overweight and wants to be at 14% bodyfat from the 25% she is right now. I had her slowly work down to 1200 calories and she went from 123lbs to 117. Now that we are incorporating MaxOT, is this good for her too? She doesn’t want to get bodybuilder big and I am assuring her that she wont, unless she intakes an excess of calories. But at the same time I’m letting her know she will have some gains just not enough to look like a body builder. Will it be enough to make a difference of size at least a lttle with her eating 1200 calories? (she also does cardio, whatever she burns I let her eat extra throughout the day) Basically the question is, Q: Is the weight lifting 4-6 reps good for my wife to gain minimal muscle and increase her metabolism in the long run?

    • Thanks!

      1) Yes, it is plenty. More volume is not better. When you do it right you should even want to do any more sets!

      2) Max-OT is great for women trying to transform their bodies. I am in the middle of a project that is illustrating this perfectly.

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    Joshua Richards

    Hey Jeff, you should post more videos like this. It’s impressive how you can perform the lifts with such heavy weights while keeping very good technique. It’s rare to see a bodybuilder do it. Very inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

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