My iPhone App Update – Menu Screen Animation

Click here to check out this first look at the menu screen animation.




  1. Hi Jeff,

    On non training days when I have some porridge oats with milk and nuts in the afternoon with some isolate whey protein and a small piece of chocolate bar, after about an hour I will take a nap for an hour or two.

    Do you think this is fine?

    • Sounds ok. If you are focusing on getting leaner you may want something with fewer calories and more nutrient density.

      • Thanks Jeff.

        When will you be offering your workout cd’s on discounts?

        I know its cheaper to buy the bundle package but would you be offering more discounts in the future. Thing is, i cant afford it thats why was wondering if it was going to be any cheaper.


        • When we have periodic discounts they will be announced in my email group so make sure you have signed up for that on the homepage.


  2. Hey Jeff,

    I’ve been a huge fan for a while! Curious as to a timetable for the app to be available for purchase?

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Is it ok to have 5g of glutamine with post workout meal straight after my workout or should it be taken on it own?

    It would be strange to have glutamine on its own after workout because that would be used for energy and not building muscle, right?


  4. Hi Jeff,

    If someone can only afford to have one serving of glutamine, when can one have it on non-training and training days?

    My second point is how much grams would you recommend to consume glutamine?


    • On training days I would have it after the workout and on non training days I would have it before sleep. 5 to 10 grams per serving makes sense.

      • Is it okay to have it on its own without mixing it with water/liquid?

        is it also okay to have it with tuna + nuts sometimes and then sometimes to have it with whey protein mixed with milk + nuts?


  5. Hi Jeff,

    1) What the release is planned?
    2) Will it be available also for android platform?
    3) How much this app will cost?

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  6. avatar
    Dennis Luypaerts

    Hey Jeff, really looking forward to your app,

    I hope it will be available soon,

    one quick question, I use Krealkalyn,

    the supposedly better version of creatine, can I take it every day

    or should I take a break from it once in a while?


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