Success Stories – More Great Transfomations!

Recently I’ve received some outstanding transformation stories from people who’ve achieved tremendous success by executing the “SYSTEM” and I wanted to share them with you.

As always, I want to thank and congratulate these individuals and encourage you all to EXECUTE!Martin_Cole_Bohn_Collage_web

Jonathan Bohn

I was in a deep rut. I had gained 40lbs in approximately 2 years and had become a person I no longer recognized.  I was desperate for a change. I was 25, and felt 55. Worst of all I looked unhealthy, unhappy and unmotivated.

Through the encouragement and partnership of my sister we made it our goal to compete in triathlons. After 6 months of intense training I had lost more than 30lbs and completed 2 tri’s. I felt great, but still didn’t have the body I had hoped for. I was invited to get my body fat tested in a bod pod and weighed in at only 162lbs, but still had 16% body fat.

I sought advice from friends that were into bodybuilding and they quickly turned me onto Max-OT.  I vividly remember the night that I found the information. I devoured every word on lifting, nutrition and training. That next day I created my Max-OT plan and never looked back.

After 1 year of sticking to the plan I weighed in at 180lbs with less than 6% body fat. It was an amazing transformation. I received compliments everyday on my appearance and most importantly to me, my energy. My confidence has never been higher and I felt as though I could accomplish anything!

I’m so thankful for you, your products and the knowledge you’re willing to share. I still watch the instructional lifting DVD’s every few months. After the first time I watched them I realized I was placing the bar on the incorrect place on my back. After correcting the spot I added more than 60lbs in 3 weeks on my squats! I keep each completed JW Training Journal and transfer my pictures to the new one.

Jesse Martin

I have been have following your plan. I never would have thought that at age 50 I would see these types of results.

7 weeks into my preparation and my weight has went from 220 lbs to 216.5 lbs  and my fat has dropped from 16.5% to 13.03%.  I also gained about 5 lbs of lean mass. These are amazing results for me.

Typically in the past I lose about 1% every three weeks. But following your SYSTEM I have averaged about 1% every 15 days and gained a little under 1 lb of muscle a week. I even  checked the numbers twice just to make sure they were correct! Needless to say I’m very excited about the results thus far!

Simon Cole

I have been a big fan of your work since finding out about your SYSTEM and it has totally changed my life.

When I started I was just on the edge of hitting 100kg and I couldn’t tell you my body fat percentage. I ordered the “I Want to Look Like That Guy” movie and watched it from start to finish.   Since that moment 5 months ago I set out on a journey to also become a totally different person physically, as well as mentally.

I weighed in at exactly 5 months from starting at 84kg at around 9% body fat and am now looking at competing in the next few years once I build the complete well proportionate package. Your movie changed my life and I thank you guys for inspiring others who once thought it was impossible to now believe it is more than achievable.



  1. Hey Jeff,

    Did you ever got stuck in some exercises where you just got the same amount of reps with same weight for multiple weeks straight? And how did you deal with these plateaus?

    • Yes. I think that is normal. I just keep striving to improve on one exercise of that particular body part. You will not always go up in weights but maybe you get an extra rep OR maybe in increased or got an extra rep on a different exercise for that body part. You can also focus on execution as well. Even if no number changes and you have given all out effort with great execution you will still be achieving the desired stimulus.

  2. Jeff, is it possible to perform Max-ot cardio on 2 different machines? e.x.:

    tuesday, thursday – stationary bike

    saturday, sunday – rower

    thanks for your anwser

  3. avatar
    Jeff Reardon

    Dear Jeff ….

    I’m not sure what rock I have been under but I JUST saw the doc you and Stu made a few nights ago. I have to tell you … that it was a breath of fresh air. I have been researching what you are all about – going through all your blog posts and bought the Secrets of portion of the documentary.
    I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you for posting everything that you have and being so open, honest and free with your knowledge in order to help others.
    I’ve noticed that you have not updated your Blog in a few months. I hope that doesn’t mean that you have abandoned it.
    Again … thank you so much for helping the masses and I cannot wait to start your MASS OT program.

  4. Hi Jeff.
    Is this the same exercises week in week out? or can we do Tricep kickback and things like that instead of lying extensions?

    • I prefer to follow the same Max-OT routine for 8-10 weeks. Then after the scheduled week off you can change Max-OT routines to incorporate different body part groupings or different exercises but make sure you select basic compound lifts.

  5. avatar
    Tyler Saik

    Jeff, I actually found out about you through the musclehack T.H.T. website after doing much research and diving in full blast to his routine that is in the same ballpark as you’re philosophy except The first 10 weeks of his program focus on going to failure in the 8-12 range, the next 10 weeks within the 7-10 range and the final 10 within the 6-8 range. Always going to failure and taking a 1 week off in between 10 week cycles.

    I’ve put quite a bit of time into getting this routine into action, building the printed workout sheets and what not.

    After seeing what your program has to offer I’m very tempted to change gears, What do you think of the musclehack T.H.T program. Would I be better off just staying the course or maybe consider switching to your program. Just want to be able to know that what I’m doing is the MOST effective route.

    • I don’t like to compare and contrast approaches. I am consistent in my writing and teachings about the way I feel is best to train to maximize results. If I felt there was a better way to do it, I would teach it differently.

  6. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your work and advice, I have outgrown a lot of gym members using Max O/T and particularly eating clean turkey breast as a protein source. I am slowly adjusting caloric intake and wow, the results are phenomenal!! So thanks again!!
    One question: is it ok to do the intense cardio straight after my lifting session(afternoon) or more efficient to do it, say, in the morning separate?

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