Michael Vrabel’s Amazing Transformation
Michael Vrabel's Amazing Transformation

Michael Vrabel transformed his body with guidance from my products like "I Want to Look Like That Guy"

I recently received an awesome testimonial from Michael Vrabel that I wanted to share.  Michael said with the help of my products he went from 197 pounds to  147 pounds with a final body fat of 4.8%.

“Major props – use your training dvd’s and your diet PDF hangs on my refrigerator door.  Love your products, Love your movie!” – Michael Vrabel

Michael is a perfect example of what you can achieve if you execute the plan.  Congratulations Michael on a job well done!


  1. love your site and the useful info you post

  2. Please post more fine articles about ab workout for men. I intend to follow your blog repeatedly.

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    Benjamin Frigast

    Hey Jeff
    I workout on a 4 day max ot routine, chest and triceps on monday
    For triceps close grib bench Press 3 sets and overhead triceps Press
    3 sets, But is it overkill to use close grib Press on a chest day??
    Best regards Benjamin from Denmark

    • First I would cut the total sets for triceps down to 4 or 5 max.

      I would probably sub cable push downs or lying tricep extensions in place of close grip bench for the reason you stated.

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